Karin Carlberg

Senior management consultant & partner

Karin has worked at YesP since 2002. She has a solid experience in business management and organisational development from her previous career in the service and education industry. Leadership has always been a natural role for Karin, both in her professional work as well as in board assignments and non-profit assignments.

During her years at YesP, Karin has driven and led extensive change and development processes both internationally and in Sweden in both the public and private sectors.

With her empathy, listening skills, holistic focus and determined action, Karin is appreciated for her ability to influence in line with the long-term strategy.
With a coaching approach and a large portion of curiosity, Karin creates the conditions for strong, trusting relationships and collaborations that create a basic foundation for cultural and organisational changes and movements.

Karin is an economist and behavioural scientist working as a senior consultant and project manager.