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Unleash the power of your corporate culture

An organisation's performance is closely linked to its culture. Unclear leadership and the wrong strategy affect us more than we realise. With YesP, you get more than 20 years of experience on how to unleash the power of your organisation. The result? Happier employees and surprisingly high results in the annual report.

Thriving organisations that outperform their financial targets have something magical - a culture with the right conditions for people to develop and perform. At YesP, we know what smart organisational development really is, and we are happy to help you bring about positive change at multiple levels.

Your organisation is an ecosystem where everything is connected. Structure, relationships, results, performance, emotions. Based on your needs, we identify the desired effects and together we set an implementation plan, eliminate obstacles, set clear business goals and work with positive reinforcement. When all efforts are directed in the same direction, the culture begins to transform and create real change. We call this the YesP effect!

We have long experience working with culture and change in small and large organisations in business and public administration. Our methods are based on:

  • current international science
  • modern pedagogy
  • solid experience in organisational change

The purpose of our work is to create lasting power of action that is seen and felt, for both people and the organisation's goals. Organisations with a high performance culture are 3.5 times better at getting people to bring out their positive sides and perform at their best, 3 times better at collaboration and 1.5 times better at creating value for external customers! (Source i4CP)

What YesP does

Are you facing a major or minor change, are you struggling to achieve your goals, do you want to ensure your performance going forward? We are your trusted guide and tailor a change process to your unique needs. Here are some of our services.

People Culture Performance Change

Organisational development for a stronger corporate culture

Some say that organisational development and change is difficult. We disagree. Many change initiatives fail due to a lack of knowledge, perseverance or a well thought-out method to achieve the goal. After 20 years of change management, we have seen with our own eyes how potential is released, business benefits flourish and the company culture becomes stronger.

How is your organisation really doing? Are you achieving your goals, is there resistance and conflict? Are you reaching your strategy, or did the energy from the kick-off disappear the following Monday? For example, a good balance between risk-taking and organisation is a prerequisite for optimal performance.

All organisations can improve. Organisational development is not just for those with big problems, but for anyone who wants to get more out of their resources and perform better. By perform better, we mean:

  • higher customer satisfaction
  • faster pace of innovation
  • more efficient ways of working
  • active and involved employees

A healthy organisation is one that is bubbling with a willingness to change, with leaders and employees who are skilled and proud to work there. An attractive and high-performing company that you simply enjoy working for. Doesn't that sound good? Talk to us and we'll get there together.

Our core values

Say Yes!

Take a stand. Open the door to opportunity, growth and success. To win, you need to take risks.

Trust People!

We are genuinely curious about what each individual can contribute and we trust that people can, will and feel good about performing!

Enjoy Performance!

Energy is released when people move from being spectators to active players, in an environment where joy and achievement are combined to produce long-term results.

Our customers trust us

YesP has led organisational development and other change work in a wide range of industries and environments. Here are some of the companies and organisations we have worked with in recent years.