Want to take your social responsibility to the next level? Responsibility helps you integrate social responsibility throughout your organisation. Analyse the current situation and identify areas for improvement, so that your company's engagement can have maximum impact.


Responsibility - An important member of the YesP family

Ansvaret is an organisation that is part of the YesP family. Our consulting service makes it easier for companies to take social responsibility. Ansvaret operates through combined expertise in strategic business development and long experience of making a difference in social issues.

How Ansvaret can help your business:

  • Identify areas where your business objectives can interact with societal needs.
  • Get help to customise and clarify your social responsibility based on specific conditions and desired outcomes.
  • Integrate social responsibility into your overall business strategy for a long-term and sustainable impact.

Accountability ensures that social responsibility is not personalised or short-term. We create a robust structure for organising, communicating and measuring the impact of engagement.

How the process works

Working with Ansvaret gives your company the opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable society and a stronger business. Unlock the potential for lasting success with Ansvaret's effective consultancy service.

Step 1: Insight and current situation
Step 2: Intersections and business value
Step 3: Objectives and partners
Step 4: Strategy and action plan
Step 5: Implementation and impact measurement

Get in touch with the Responsibility for developing social responsibility in your organisation.